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Alpaca Wool Accessories

Explore our Alpaca Wool Accessories Collection, featuring handcrafted scarves, hats, and gloves made from premium alpaca wool.

Each piece is created by skilled artisans, blending tradition with modern style. Perfect for those who value quality, warmth, and sustainability. Shop now for cozy, elegant accessories!

Reversible Alpaca Wool Brushed Unisex Beanies Handmade In Ecuador

$29.95  $49.95

Alpaca Wool Scarves - Dual-Tone, Brushed Finish - Authentic Ecuadorian Craft

$29.95  $49.95

Alpaca Wool Scarves - Dual-Tone, Brushed Finish, Embroidery - Andean Elegance

$39.95  $59.95

Wholesale Lot of 35x soft and warm Handmade ALPACA Wool Shawls/Scarves