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Chambira Amazon Jungle Essence Bracelet Set handmade by Huaorani (5 Pieces)

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In the heart of the Amazon jungle, the Huaorani people pass down their unique traditions and craftsmanship from generation to generation. Julieta, a distinguished Huaorani artisan, elevates the art of crafting bracelets from chambira palm fibers to a form of high art. Her skilled hands weave these fibers, imbuing each creation with the life and stories of the jungle.

Chambira, symbolizing vitality, is not only durable and water-resistant but also forms the basis for true works of art. Julieta uses natural dyes from turmeric roots, achiote seeds, and local plant leaves to create a range of colors that capture the jungle's natural hues.

The process, from gathering materials to achieving the desired color intensity, can take days, ensuring each bracelet's color remains vibrant and durable over time. Julieta's slow, thoughtful approach to making 2-3 bracelets a day highlights her respect for the materials and her deep connection to nature.

Every bracelet from Julieta is not just an accessory but a piece of ancient culture, creating a connection between the modern world and the Amazon's spirit. When you purchase this set, expect to receive five unique pieces, with patterns and colors varying from one to the next, each embodying a part of the Amazon's rich heritage. By owning these bracelets, you become part of this enduring story, supporting the Huaorani tribe's lifestyle and culture and contributing to the sustainable use of Amazon's resources.

Each bracelet is approx. 0.8 in (2 cm) wide and 6 - 11.8 in (15 - 30 cm) long (adjustable)

2 types of weaving: dense and openwork



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