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Chambira Palm plate coasters Amazon Jungle Essence handcrafted by Huaorani - set of two - 11 in / 28 cm

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In the Amazon jungle, where time flows uniquely, Julieta from the Huaorani tribe crafts plate coasters, each serving as a bridge between ancient traditions and the modern world. These coasters are made from chambira fibers, renowned for their exceptional strength and ability to withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for protecting your table from hot dishes.

Julieta uses natural dyes extracted from turmeric roots, achiote seeds, and leaves of local plants to color the fibers in vivid shades that reflect the full spectrum of the Amazon jungle. This dyeing process, requiring deep knowledge of nature and patience, turns each coaster into a unique piece of art that adds a touch of elegance to any dining table.

The creation of these coasters is a meditative process, where each step is meaningful. Julieta spends several days carefully selecting and processing natural materials, then the chambira fibers are imbued with color through a process that involves soaking, boiling, and grinding with natural ingredients. This approach preserves the brightness and purity of the colors for many years.

Each of Julieta’s plate coasters not only protects your table from heat but also serves as an object for reflection, inviting you to explore the depths of the past and inspire the creation of your own rituals. By merging ancient crafts with modern lifestyles, these coasters invite to the table not just to nourish the body but also to feed the soul, making every meal an event filled with deep meaning and a connection to nature.

By acquiring a coaster from Julieta, you not only receive an exclusive and functional household item but also become part of a story, contributing to the preservation of the unique traditions of the Huaorani tribe and supporting the sustainable use of Amazonian resources.


Diameter of each (approx.): 11 inch / 28 cm




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