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Dayuma - Heavy and Thick Extra Large Llama wool artisanal handwoven Blanket - Cream/Sage - Aztec Pattern

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Transform your home decor with our exquisite Ecuadorian Llama Wool Blanket, a true masterpiece of warmth and design. Handwoven with care, each blanket features a captivating cream and sage Aztec pattern inspired by the rich tapestry of Andean heritage. Its unique dual-textured design boasts a luxuriously brushed side that beckons you to feel its softness and enveloping warmth.Measuring an impressive 98x79 inches, this oversized blanket promises to make a statement, whether draped over a couch, sofa, or elegantly styled on a bed. Made with heavy and thick materials, it is both durable and cozy, perfect for those cool evenings or as a chic addition to your living space. The traditional fringed edges beautifully complement the modern yet timeless pattern. Embrace the blend of luxury and cultural craftsmanship with this artisanal blanket, made ethically and sustainably by talented Ecuadorian artisans. Elevate your collection with this functional work of art that brings a perfect balance of comfort and style

Shades may vary slightly from the photo shown.

This blanket measures approx.  98.4" x 79" / 250 x 200 cm inch incl. fringe

Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2500 g

Material: LLAMA WOOL

The llama is a product of ancient Andean civilizations, when 6,000 years ago it had already evolved from the vicuña to produce a unique fibre. Llama fibre has worldwide renown for its luxurious quality . Llama fibre is fine, strong (second only to silk among natural fibres), very warm, comfortable and with the lightness of a feather. 

A llama is a domesticated species of South American camelid. Llamas are kept in herds that graze on the level heights of the Andes of southern Peru, northern Bolivia, Ecuador, and northern Chile at an altitude of 3,500 m (11,500 ft) to 5,000 m (16,000 ft) above sea level, throughout the year. Llama fiber is used for making knitted and woven items, similar to wool. These items include blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, a wide variety of textiles and ponchos in South America.



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